All TTA members are independent, individual businesses and represent a considerable number of diverse sectors within the theatrical supplies industry. Therefore any contracts entered into with individual TTA member firms will be subject to the normal trading terms of that company. However all TTA members will abide by the following governing principles which form the basis of its Code of Good Business Practice:
  • To provide a professional and efficient service to its clients and maintain the highest standards possible.
  • To manage their business affairs in such a way as to ensure that any contract they may enter into can be honoured.
  • To ensure that the quality of their products, services and guarantees are consistent with any representations they may make to the client.
  • To maintain a fair and transparent pricing structure for their products and services.
  • To ensure that their advertising is not misleading.
  • To never knowingly conduct themselves in such a manner as to prejudice their own professional standing or that of the Association.
  • To agree to take part in any arbitration the Association may deem necessary to settle disputes between a member company and a client.
  • Agreeing to take part in such arbitration will signify agreement to abide by the conclusion thereof.